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Summus Healthcare Delivers

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Provider satisfaction.  Employee engagement.  Patient outcomes.  Summus Healthcare managed practices perform.

We believe a strong patient-provider relationship contributes exponentially to patient health.  Better patient-provider relationships are built through more dedicated care time; however, the responsibilities of managing a business can impact that.

Summus practices benefit from shared operations, revenue cycle management, and much more so your focus is always on your patients.

Summus Healthcare maintains your practice’s personal touch and connects it with our vast network of clinics, services, and clinical professionals.

Our healthcare providers are also affiliated with UT Southwestern Clinically Affiliated Physicians Accountable Care Organization (ACO).  We believe that by providing superior preventative and wellness care, patients have better outcomes and fewer hospitalizations.  Those improved patient outcomes lead to shared shavings through our ACO.


We deliver programs and tools to streamline your clinic workflow and maximize your time with patients.

Revenue Cycle Management

RCM reimagined.  Insurance and patient billing and collections, are simplified with a dedicated team of experts focused on your practice.

Clinical Operations

Referrals, prior authorizations, and care coordination are time-consuming and can be confusing for patients.  Summus provides support for these administrative functions so your office can focus on direct patient care.

The Key to Our Success

Summus has revitalized multiple primary care and specialty practices through our unique blend of technology, clinical expertise, and business management.

Starwood Pharmacy’s Reboot with Summus Healthcare

Since its acquisition in 2020, Starwood Pharmacy has maintained a daily volume increase of 900%.  Connecting patients to a responsive, caring pharmacy with the added benefit of free home delivery has improved patient medication adherence and persistency.

Lines of healthcare services
Patient Population
Provider Network

Reimagining and Rebuilding the Healthcare Community

At Summus, we believe that a provider who is supported is a provider who supports their patients.  By managing clinical and administrative operations, and designing engaging programs, providers have more time for direct patient care and patients benefit from a focused provider.

Leading Patient Engagement and Outcomes

The Summus Team is dedicated to building a network of the best healthcare professionals.  Through Starwood Pharmacy, our dedicated laboratory, telehealth visits, and a commitment to premier patient care, Summus helps patients meet their health goals.