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Summus Healthcare’s Impact on the Healthcare Industry

Summus Healthcare has made a meaningful impact on more than 20,000 patients’ health and their access and delivered healthcare providers programs and support that allows for more one-on-one care.

Laboratory worker using a pipette

Premier Independent Physicians Laboratory

Whether measuring cholesterol levels or testing for the flu, laboratory results matter.  Laboratory testing is a vital tool for healthcare providers to diagnose and track improvements in patients.

With 16 clinics in the Dallas Fort-Worth metroplex, PIP Lab was created out of necessity to support Premier Independent Physician healthcare providers in delivering care.  Built with a physician perspective and patient focus, PIP Labs’ processes and workflows were developed to deliver results quickly and accurately.

Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and an expanding test menu, PIP Lab has exceeded the expectations of providers and patients alike.  Providers appreciate the physician-designed processes, quality results, fast turnaround time, and direct communication avenues with laboratory management.  Patients benefit from more precise medical care based on accurate laboratory values.

Since its inception in 2020, PIP Lab has seen a 100% increase in processing volume with projections targeting continued growth.

Starwood Pharmacy

Medication adherence and persistency are two contributing factors to the recurrence of illness or the progression of chronic diseases.

Studies have shown that 33% of kidney transplant patients do not take their anti-rejection prescriptions and 41% of heart attack patients do not take their blood pressure medications.

When a prescription is written, how can a healthcare provider be sure the patient will take the medication as prescribed and see the medication’s benefits?

In 2020, Summus Healthcare acquired Starwood Pharmacy to better manage medication compliance, adherence, and persistency, within the Premier Independent Physician network.  Through coordination of care and patient engagement, Starwood Pharmacy has grown to be a trusted health partner.

Since joining the Summus Healthcare network, Starwood Pharmacy has increased its daily volume by 900%, with an increase in new medication prescriptions.  Furthermore, through an expanded delivery service, patients receive their medications whenever they need them – with no additional charge.

Premier Independent Physician patients also receive prior authorization coordination to further remove barriers to care.

Pharmacist standing in front of medication shelves
Elderly man having blood pressure measured

Improving Patient Health with Tailored Care Management

As the Medicare-eligible population continues to grow, with more than 1 million added in 2022 and over 28 million participants nationwide, providing healthcare with disease prevention and health maintenance as the goals is the priority of primary care providers.

Primary care providers need a way to provide individualized care plans, tailored to their patients’ unique needs.  With most primary care providers spending between 13 and 24 minutes with each patient, designing a care plan to address all patient factors is a challenge.

Through Summus Healthcare’s Value-Based Care Services delivered by Premier Independent Physicians, patients and primary care providers are connected to strategized and coordinated services to increase knowledge of disease culmination, medication awareness, along with lifestyle and genetic factors to improve health outcomes and reduce hospitalizations.

With experience in the value-based care landscape, Summus Healthcare, has developed a patient-centric approach to empower the patient and primary care provider with access to evidence-based programs to deliver holistic care like Medication Therapy Management through Starwood Pharmacy and Chronic Care Management and Transitional Care Management through Premier Independent Physicians.